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When to use NumLookup's Phone Search Feature

Whether you're dealing with unknown callers, verifying contact details, or conducting background checks, this video is your go-to guide

What NOT to Share on Social Media - NumLookup's Safety Guide with Sarah

Join Sarah from NumLookup as she explains what not to share on social media. Discover the critical dos and don’ts of social media sharing to protect your privacy and security.

Stay Safe While Swiping: Online Dating Safety Tips with Sarah from NumLookup

Join Sarah from NumLookup as she dives into the crucial topic of online dating safety. In this informative video, Sarah shares valuable tips on how to protect your personal information, recognize red flags, and navigate dating platforms responsibly.

Navigating the Grey Zone: When Is It Okay to Lie for Safety?

Join Sarah from NumLookup as she dives into the complex topic of honesty versus safety. In this insightful video, she'll explore the ethical nuances of when it might be acceptable to lie.

Halloween Safety Tips 2023

Join Sarah from NumLookup as she delves into essential safety tips to ensure a frightfully fun and secure Halloween for everyone.

Scammer Alert! 3 Major Red Flags & A Must-Know Tip

Learn crucial online safety tips from Sarah as she unveils common scammer red flags, including requests for money and personal information, and how tools like NumLookup can help verify suspicious contacts. Stay ahead of scammers with Sarah's expert advice

Top Scams of 2023

Dive into 2023's dangerous scams: cryptocurrency romance tricks, deceitful payday loans, and heartbreaking puppy frauds. Stay alert with Sarah's insights!

Do not share any personal info over the phone

In today's digital age, it's more critical than ever to protect your personal information. Join Sarah from NumLookup as she dives deep into the dangers of sharing personal details over the phone.

How to ride Uber safely

Watch Sarah explain how to ride Uber safely. Learn a few easy safety tips that can keep you safe while commuting!

Walking Safety Tips for Women

Walking safety is important for everyone, but women may face unique safety concerns. Here are some tips to help women stay safe while walking.

How to Catch a Fake Online Profile

Learn how to catch a fake online profile in under 2 minutes. Watch Giovanna explain two proven methods of confirming if the person is fake or not.

How to manage Road Rage

Make your journeys safer and more peaceful. Don't let road rage control you—take the wheel with these expert strategies!