Learn How NumLookup Works

NumLookup is the world's best reverse phone lookup application that is accessible via any web browser. How it works is very simple: you give NumLookup a phone number, and NumLookup gives you the owner's full name in return. Performing a free phone number search has never been more easy.

Although the concept & functionality is very light-weight & simple - the inner workings of NumLookup are far from it. Our goal in this article is to briefly explain how NumLookup is able to quickly and accurately provide you with the full name for any phone in the world.

NumLookup is powered by a farm of geographically distributed servers that are always searching, collecting and processing publicly available telephone information from around the world. If there is any piece of phone number related information available out there, our goal is to be able to find it and collect it. Our ability to successfuly do this provides us with a solid foundation to build a world-class reverse phone lookup tool on.

Once all the information is collected, our servers then start building or augmenting unique individual profiles. Our goal is to be able to create a virtual identifier for each and every person with zero overlaps or gaps. For example: If we find and collect 2 different phone numbers for the same full name that seemingly appear to be the same person, we use other personally identifiable information such as age, gender, address, etc. to conclude if the information found is for two different individuals that just happen to share the same name, or, if both phone numbers are owned by the same person.

This enables us to build a comprehensive telephone directory for the world. Keep in mind that all information that is found and collected by NumLookup is already publicly available. NumLookup is merely making this information easily available to you through an easy to use reverse phone lookup service.

If you ever find yourself wondering who called you, you now know which tool to use. Remember, NumLookup is just a few clicks away!