Why do I see multiple names in the NumLookup report?

Amanda Elliot
Amanda Elliot
Feb 6th, 2023

After performing a reverse phone lookup on NumLookup, you might see multiple names in the lookup report. Before we dive into the answer, let's align on a few quick facts about phone numbers:

  • A phone number can belong to multiple people, for example, in the case of a shared phone line or a family plan.
  • The ownership of a phone number can transfer over time. It is possible that a phone number that was previously used by Mike is now being used by Patel.

Our phone number lookup is powered by an extensive AI-based model that looks at a multitude of data points in generating the phone report. The name you see on the top of the search page is always what our model deems as the most accurate owner's name. You may however see more names as you scroll down the search report. The additional names appear because of one or more of the following reasons:

1. Family Plan

The phone might have been registered under a parent's name, but the parent is no longer actively involved in using the phone. It could be that it is being used by a different family member. You can usually tell if that is the case by noticing the similarity in the last name.

2. Previous Owners

The ownership of the phone may have changed. If the additional names do not match or have a common last name with the first name on the report, this typically means that the ownership of the phone has changed over time. As previously said, the first name on the report (the one shown on the top) is always the most accurate. We will always show you a match percentage for the additional names if there are any. Our AI model calculates the match percentage based on inferred accuracy of previous results.

3. Multiple Data Points for the Same Owner

It is also possible to see the same name appear multiple times in multiple blocks of the search report. This simply means that we found multiple data points that point to the same owner. Each additional block will most likely contain an additional and informative piece of information such as the address or an e-mail address.

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