Customer Story: NumLookup as a Bridge of Kindness

Amanda Elliot
Amanda Elliot
July 13th, 2023
NumLookup getting used in a Church

In the small town of Haddonfield, New Jersey, the St. James Community Church was a beacon of hope and charity. The church's outreach programs, led by Nicole Patterson, a volunteer, played an instrumental role in the community's well-being. Nicole was known for her compassion, dedication, and a unique tool in her arsenal - a free reverse phone lookup service.

Nicole's responsibilities included reconnecting with church members who had fallen out of touch and reaching out to potential new members. She also coordinated community service initiatives, such as food drives and support for local homeless shelters.

One day, Nicole came across a small, forgotten notebook in the church's old storage room. The notebook, filled with scribbled names and phone numbers, seemed to be a relic from years past, likely used by the church for outreach activities. Seeing a potential treasure trove of information, Nicole decided to use her favorite phone number search website (NumLookup) to enrich the data in order to reconnect with the individuals in the notebook.

She started by typing in the first number into our search bar. As she was doing so, it reminded her of how our product had previously helped her in skip-tracing an individual in the past. As was expected, we quickly provided her with a name and address: Mary Thompson, living just a few streets away. Nicole remembered Mary; she was an elderly parishioner who had stopped attending church after her health declined.

Equipped with this information, Nicole organized a small team from the church to visit Mary, bringing her homemade meals and offering companionship. Mary was overjoyed by the gesture, and grateful for the kindness shown by her church community.

Emboldened by this success, Nicole continued using us to reach more people from the notebook. Each unmasked number led to an opportunity for outreach, for reconnection. Some were old members who had moved away and were thrilled to hear from their old church. Others were people who had once shown interest in the church but had never officially joined.

One particular number led Nicole to a young man named Alex, who was going through a rough patch. Alex had once visited the church during a community meal but had lost touch. Nicole's call came at a crucial time, providing him with the support he needed. Soon, Alex became a regular at the church, even volunteering for community services.

The church's outreach program grew stronger and more impactful than ever before. It was as if the forgotten notebook, combined with Nicole's dedication and the our product had breathed new life into the community.

Nicole's story is a testament to the different ways technology can be used for good. By utilizing us, she managed to bridge gaps, bring people back into the fold, and extend the church's reach, truly embodying the spirit of community and kindness.

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