Reverse Phone Lookup ANGOLAReverse Phone Lookup for Angola

NumLookup offers Free Reverse Phone Lookup With Name for any cell phone number in Angola. People in Angola love Numlookup because it offers them the ability to lookup any phone number - mobile or landline - in any major city of Angola. All cities such as Ambriz, Andulo, Bailundo, Balombo and Benguela are supported by Numlookup. Carriers Supported for Reverse Lookup: Unitel, Movicel,. Please use 244 as the prefix when performing lookup for ANGOLA

Supported Cities: Saurimo, Lucapa, Luau, Uige, Soio, Nzeto, N’dalatando, Mbanza Congo, Malanje, Luanda, Caxito, Cabinda, Sumbe, Namibe, Menongue, Luena, Lubango, Longonjo, Lobito, Cuito, Huambo, Catumbela, Catabola, Camacupa, Caluquembe, Caala, Benguela,

Reverse Lookup Statistics of ANGOLA by Carrier

ANGOLA Carrier Area Code Reverse Lookup Accuracy
Movicel Mobile 91, 99 26%
Other 29%
Unitel Mobile 92, 93, 94 29%

Reverse Phone Lookup Statistics of ANGOLA by City

ANGOLA City Reverse Lookup Accuracy
Saurimo 11%
Lucapa 22%
Luau 29%
Uige 12%
Soio 39%
Nzeto 24%
N’dalatando 19%
Mbanza Congo 30%
Malanje 26%
Luanda 37%
Caxito 33%
Cabinda 28%
Sumbe 29%
Namibe 29%
Menongue 36%
Luena 24%
Lubango 10%
Longonjo 28%
Lobito 11%
Cuito 20%
Huambo 28%
Catumbela 34%
Catabola 33%
Camacupa 19%
Caluquembe 19%
Caala 34%
Benguela 29%